The threats to other home owners

It seems wainhomes has been threatening home owners before, another dissatisfied wainhomes property owner started a web site and listed the outstanding snagging issues with their property, www.wainhomes***.uk in 2017

The following is a quote from a person connected to the website, the identity of the person and the full URL is not shown, as this could identify the person(s) connected to the website.

“I too had major issues with Wainhomes, especially when it came to dealing with their customer care team if you can call it that. Because of their incompetence with fixing my snagging issues, I did create a site but this is no longer online. I received a 30+ page legal document basically telling me that if I didn’t take it down they would sue me. To be fair, the did then get there arses in gear with me once it was taken down. Happy to report 2 years on most snags have been put right but my front lawn is still a mess. To be honest, I gave up, really couldn’t be bothered with them anymore. I hope you get any issues you have sorted, I understand your frustration and anger!”

With the web site being down it is difficult to see what was listed, but it shows yet another home owners view of wainhomes and shows the companies attitude in dealing with its customers. They seem to think if they ignore customers and treat them badly long enough they will go away and stop bothering them with the faults and issues with their properties.