The kitchen floor nightmare continues

The NHBC deadline for wainhomes to fix the kitchen floor passed, without wainhomes fixing the floor correctly, they had attempted 2 repairs at the kitchen floor and made a mess of each one.

At this point all of the floor downstairs were checked, all floors downstairs were not within tolerance, they all had slopes, the carpeting in the rooms was covering for the defects. Once the carpet was lifted it was clear the floor was out of tolerance. This was all reported to wainhomes who then agreed to empty the downstairs and remove the carpets and make good all the flooring. They refused to remove the kitchen cabinets at first, stating it the flooring under the kitchen cupboards did not need to meet any specialisations. After arguing this they agreed to remove cupboards and the skirting boards.

This is the state of the house after they started the work,

The state of the kitchen
The state of the utility
The state of the hallway
The state of the Cloakroom,

You can see the difference in level between the radiator and the skirting in the picture.

The state of the living room

You can see in the following photo the amount of cement that has already been laid and piled up against the kitchen cupboard, now that the cupboard has been removed you can see the lip of cement.

A different flooring company than before then came out and applied a cement based product to the whole of the downstairs, the next day we checked the kitchen floor in front of the site manager, it was clearly still out of tolerance, at this point the site manage stated in front of independent witnesses “I do not know the tolerance houses should be built too”, what a shock, although if you have dealt with wainhomes then it is probably not a shock. If the site manager doesn’t know then that might explain a lot.

The flooring company were called back out to redo the kitchen floor, this was now the fourth layer of cement to be added to the kitchen floor and the living room floor again as they stated it was not finished.

The next day the living room floor was checked, again it was still out of tolerance, by this point some of the skirting boards had been replaced and had to be removed yet again, ripping part of the wall down with it, you can see the repair in the picture below.

After 3 revisits the flooring company stated the floor is now within tolerance, this has yet to be verified by the NHBC. During the work the living room carpet was ripped, the new flooring in the cloakroom was damaged whilst being laid and several walls and ceilings downstairs were damaged and marked, they had to be filled and painted, wainhomes refused to paint the whole wall, only patch up sections of damage.

Below is a before and after picture of the living room, you can see just how much cement has been added in order to bring the flooring up to level.

The approx 1 inch of gap under the plasterboard is now gone