Shouldn’t this have failed building regulations?

The driveway tarmac is above the DPC, damp proof course, meaning it is bridging the damp proof course, this fails the building regulations if the work had been done by a home owner.

The slope on the drive and the fact the driveway is higher than the garage floor in the right of the picture means water now flows in to the garage when it rains, this was the response from wainhomes regarding the water flowing in to the garage.

“I don’t believe that we have at any point disputed water entering your garage, what we have advised is that this is not a defect under the nhbc tolerances.

The nhbc advise that a garage is to store a motor vehicle and not personal belongings and due to this is allowed a certain amount of water to enter, especially in heavy rainfall.
Looking at the pictures you have sent and being aware of the recent weather conditions we do not believe this to be a defect and will not be attending.
Best regards
This is in fact a lie, section 9.2 of the NHBC standards for 2014 section S3 clearly states
“Paths and patios abutting the home should generally be at least 150mm below the dpc and be laid to falls away from the home unless a channel or other suitable means of collection and disposal is provided.” Driveways are regarded as paths under the NMBC standards when they are used as paths.
And also 
“Surfaces of private drives and paths should be laid to a minimum finished fall of 1:80 away from the home including a garage. Alternatively a channel or other suitable mans of collection and disposal should be provided adjacent to the home.”
So no water should be flowing towards the house or garage without drainage provided. Wainhomes were given the chance to acknowledge the NHBC standards for this, and here is the response they sent back.
“I am afraid our response still stands but are happy to attend an NHBC resolution visit. 
So they are ignoring building regulations and NHBC standards.
The NHBC inspector was called in yet again, here is the report
As you can see the NHBC found the builder at fault, yet again wainhomes are telling customers that there is no fault or the issue is within tolerance and it is clearly not.
A drainage channel was cut in to the driveway, but it was not connected to anything, just a channel left in the drive, wainhomes thought this was perfectly acceptable, yet again they ignored the NHBC standards which states the “water must be disposed of”, so they had to come out again to connect it to the drainage.