Kitchen floor day 7 – The second NHBC inspection

Contract manager Gareth Smith from wainhomes has been present at numerous NHBC inspections regarding similar floor issues. At each inspection the same method and measuring technique was used by the NHBC inspector. His response in the presence of the NHBC inspector was passive.

This was however not the case in the absence of the NHBC inspector. Instead he repeatedly and emphatically insisted the floor is within NHBC tolerance, would you call that lying or incompetence?

The NHBC came out after only 1 week and measured the floor, it is still way out of specification, the work wainhomes had arranged had not fixed what the NHBC report had told them to fix, in fact they had made the floor worse.

This is the response letter from the NHBC.

The fact is the state of the flooring has been made worse by the work carried out by wainhomes, it was originally 12mm out of level, it is now 13mm out of level, this stated by the NHBC report below;

After wainhomes repeatedly trying to state the floor was within specification and having a half repaired and not fully functional kitchen for nearly 3 weeks, the NHBC inspector was need to revisit and issue an updated report in order to force wainhomes to act and repair the floor. The saga continues here


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