Kitchen floor day 6 – Another levelling compound is applied

Another day was arranged for the flooring company to come out, they applied a new levelling compound over the top of the first one, then fitted the new floor once it was dry, they stopped just before they finished and stated the vinyl is damaged and they did not line it up with the existing vinyl in the utility room, so it looks bad.

So to summarise, the concrete was ground down, then 2 levelling compounds were applied one on top of the other, which now means the kitchen floor is higher than the hall and utility floors. You can see the height difference here.

The height difference is considerably noticeable, you can see it from a distance and feel it as you walk between the rooms.

The floor still was not flat and even, you can see the uneven floor in this picture, where it crosses in front of the kitchen cabinet.





The kitchen floor still was not level, it did not meet the NHBC tolerance of no more than 4mm deviation per 1m. wainhomes was called back in to check this, Gareth Smith came out to check the floor and insisted repeatedly the floor was within the NHBC specifications despite the fact he was shown the measurements. It was not within the specification, so the NHBC was called out to check this again. Meanwhile the kitchen is not finished and the house is a cluttered collection of kitchen furniture whilst living int he house.

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