The wrong street lighting plans

We moved in to our house before most of the other plots were finished, so very little was completed on the site.
We had been in our new house for 6 weeks, then 1 day we came home and a new street light had been installed directly outside our bedroom window. The street lighting plans we had been shown during our purchase did not show this.
I checked with the council highways division and they set me a completely different set of street lighting plans that they had on file supplied by wainhomes. Cheshire East council were concerned over the fact the plans they have for planning permission, section 38 etc were not correct and it could invalidate the section 38 agreement for the adoption.
I then emailed my concern to wainhomes, who supplied yet another version of the street lighting plans which they said had been submitted to the council, yet the councils versions of the plans were different.
I requested the street light be moved to the left, behind the tree that had been planted and no longer directly in front of our bedroom window. I suggested a movement of approximately 2.5m to behind the tree would be enough. Here is the section from my email to wainhomes;
“If the light was moved approximately 2.5m to the left, as you look at it it would be at the side of our house and would have a tree between the light and our house. This would help shade the light out.”
A new marker on the ground was done a few days later, but it was still in front of our windows, so I emailed wainhomes again, here is there response;
“Your email asked us to move the column 2.5m closer to the drive of plot 2. We checked this out with the consultant and he has confirmed this is acceptable but any further and the overall design of the lighting on the development will be compromised and not to the relevant standards.
I’m afraid we can either leave the column where it is or move it the 2.5m as marked out on site?”
Again they didn’t read my email properly, as I clearly said approximately and to move the light tot he side of my house, behind the tree. So I went to the council again and told them the light was directly outside my bedroom window, Cheshire East stated they would not accept and adopt the street lighting plan for the street if any light was positioned in a way it would shine light directly in to anyone’s bedroom window, which due to the proximity of this light to my house and the fact I had been shown incorrect lighting plans when buying the house meant this was an issue.
The point is, were wainhomes not familar with the relevant standards for street lighting as per Gareth from wainhomes comment? Or is it they were just being awkward?
The street light was moved, eventually.
Once again there was at least 3 versions of the same plan, all different, the one we were shown during the purchase time, one the council had been given for section 38 adoption and one the wainhomes had.

The mess after the street light was moved for the second time

This was the state of the grass when they had finished moving the street light for the second time.

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