The utility room was done wrong

Next was the utility issues, the utility room is small, I wanted to alter it, at the point I submitted the drawings for the utility changes the room had not been finished, so I gave my plans to the site office, wainhomes agreed to the changes and I paid a cost towards the work. We had an american fridge/freezer we were bringing from our old house, so it was agreed wainhomes wouldn’t put a fridge/freezer in for us and we change the washing machine and separate tumbler dryer to a washer dryer, freeing up the space in the utility for the american fridge/freezer.
Here is a copy of what I submitted to wainhomes;
plan submitted to the wainhomes sales office
I would call that a detailed drawing of the proposal, the answer came wainhomes they wouldn’t do the wine rack and vertical panel, so I said ok I will add them afterwards. They provided me with a CAD drawing from the kitchen company, which I added notes to and signed, the CAD drawing is below, I have removed my signature and the date from this image.

CAD drawing received

wainhomes have admitted the property was at first fix stage when I submitted the plans, but after I discovered the utility was done wrong here is the response I got back.
“Christine has also never sent in an official extra; s request to relocate your sockets, the only reason I can think of why this was never received into head office is that the time had passed for any variations to be processed of this nature.”
I then had to complain about the utilty, the response I received from the MD is below;
“With regards to your extras, whilst this is Sharon’s remit, I understand that some of the problems that have arisen are as a result of us deviating from our normal procedures in this regard. For example, we do not normally accept purchasers’ own plans for changes. This is why we now have the situation where we have hidden light switches, ventilation switches etc. The Site Manager has informed me the property was already first fixed and plastering had commenced at the time of your extras requests. The position now is that the socket changes can be undertaken assuming the above matters can be agreed. It will require a number of rewiring adjustments and re-plastering to accommodate this. As a guide, you would need to allow for a cost of around £750 for this to be undertaken.”
So to summarise, the sales person, Christine didn’t do her job right, the plastering was then not put on hold, the utility was done wrong and then they want to charge me more to put right their mistake? I was then again reminded if I pull out of the sale I would not get a refund and I would have to pay the estate agent fees on my part exchange. So they took my money, made a mess of it and then refused to put it right.
Below is a picture of behind the fridge;

power sockets and electrical controls behind the fridge

You can see the switches for turning off the inbuilt appliances in the cupboards, I am sure there must be some building or electrical regulation about access to these?  I have no way to turn off the appliances without pulling them of the cupboard first and unplugging the plug from the socket.
Due to the fact the electrical sockets are in the wrong place our fridge does not sit back flush against the wall, meaning it sticks out too far and the utility door catches on the fridge.
The work surface was not done right so I have been unable to finish the utility, the worksurface will have to be modified or replaced.

After this the attitude of wainhomes changed to a simple no for everything, and if you pull out we will not refund you and you are liable for the estate agent fees for my part exchange. I had to constantly chase them now to get anything done and to get the purchase completed.

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