The plots they built wrong

After various discussions and lots of pictures trying to make Wainhomes understand what they had done with the driveway they suddenly realised what they had done, they went quiet and then the tone of their responses changed. 
This is the layout of the Head Office plans for plot 3.
Head Office Plan
The yellow section is shared driveway, the green section represents the planted hedge and trees.
Here is what was actually built.
As you can see, the actually driveway they built is very different than the head office plans. I did not want a shared driveway at all.
Wainhomes could not understand this at all, at first they said I was wrong and the site was built correctly, I had to send them photos of the site as built before they realised they had built the plots wrong. I was told they would be digging up what they had done and it would be put back to the head office plans. At this point i had already paid a deposit and paid for extras to be carried out on the house, wainhomes stated in writing should I withdraw they would not refund me any of my  costs and they would charge me for the estate agent fees for the part-exchange of my current house. I had to state I would sue them for my costs, as I bought the house as built. I had clearly stated to them in writing one of the main reason I bought this house was for the ample off road parking. Not a situation you want to be in when buying something, they do it wrong, then refuse to refund your cost and tell you there would be extra costs for their mistake.
After a long period of discussion and after I had to submit various drawings to them I lost some of the driveway and the front garden, but I managed to keep a private driveway from the other plots. The bushes and trees were to be maintained to provide a privacy screen to my house from plot 4 and 5.
The MD forwarded me an internal email, I imagine he did not intend to do this, but here his comments, “I cannot stress how picky this purchaser is and we do not want to be constructing this twice.”
So in theory all was well, except for the fact I no longer had enough driveway to park all my cars on.

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