The neighbour issues

We had been moved in to our house for approx 6 months before the other plots were sold, only one other plot was occupied at the same time as ours, during the conveyancing of plot 4 we had problems with the prospective buyers.
The first problem was down to the driveway, it seems they were not happy with the fact the driveway on our plot was bigger than their plot. One day whilst no one was at home they started measuring and surveying our drive, walking over the front lawn and garden to do this. My CCTV caught this, I complained to wainhomes, here is the section of the email sent to wainhomes on the 29th October 2016.
“2) On Friday 28th October the purchaser of plot 4 had a survey done of plot 4, for some reason they decided to survey my front garden and drive, walking all over my front lawn, drive and around my cars. After doing this he then stated he will be starting a boundary dispute once he has moved in with me. This conversation was recorded. Given your companies past history of incorrect, incomplete and wrong plans I am making this very clear now, should any boundary dispute be started I will be seeking damages from Wainhomes for any problems or inaccuracies with any plans or plot details. He is complaining my boundary line is in the wrong place, the fence is in the wrong place, the fence is the wrong height and various other complaints. Might I suggest you include the legal term in the sale of “as built”, this would stop any issues from arising.
We have informed Linda on site of the fact plot 4 purchaser was using our front garden and drive, this is completely unacceptable and is not the expected behaviour of someone wanting to move next to people, being threatened by a boundary dispute certainly is not a good start to having a new neighbour.”
wainhomes did nothing about the potential boundary issue and commented they were unaware of the purchasers issue.
This was before the purchasers had even bought the plot. The new neighbours had complained to wainhomes until wainhomes made their driveway bigger, which resulted in a loss of planting between my plot and plots 4 and 5, the planting was providing a screening effect. Back when we were moving in I made it clear to wainhomes the planting strip was to be maintained when we had the driveway issues. This resulted in a loss of the screening plants that were in place between the plots.
The new neighbours moved in a while later after threatening us with boundary dispute, from the beginning we had issues with them, they attempted to harass and cause us issues, they started telling nieghbours we were harassing them, the neighbours to either side of us ignored them, plot 21 was unoccupied at this point. We had to have the police out to the neighbours on several occasions, I had told them I did not want to know them  and leave it at that, but it seems they were not happy with doing that. We had issues with the neighbour woman staring in to our windows for lengthy periods of time, she then started standing the in the street recording my wife coming home from work and trying to video through our house windows. Then we had to have the police out because she nearly ran my daughter off the road. The neighbour was coming home and she could not get on to her own drive because of visitors to her property were parked on her drive, she flew up the street in the car in temper, cutting the corner and headed straight for my daughter who was cycling in the opposite direction down the street. My daughter had two choice, be hit by the car or attempt to serve on to someones driveway to avoid the oncoming car. This lead to her falling off her bike as she tried to serve away.
After this incident my daughter was not allowed outside the front of the house no more.
I have marked the approximate left and right kerbs in the photo below and the centre line marking.

The police were immediately contacted regarding the matter. We then received a letter from their solicitor stating the aforementioned boundary dispute.
My solicitors response is below;
“We write with regard to the above and in addition to our letter of the same date. We have been asked to write to you with regard to the ongoing behaviour of Mr and Mrs Wedg.. towards our clients.
Our clients are becoming increasingly concerned about the continued animosity and behaviour on the part of Mr and Mrs Wedg.. towards them.
The issues began even before Mr and Mrs Wedg.. had completed the purchase of their property, making complaints to Wainhomes with regard to works our clients had carried out to their property and indicating that they intended to raise a boundary dispute once they had completed on the purchase.
We also understand that Mr and Mrs Wedg.. complained to Wainhomes that their driveway was smaller than that of our clients’, trespassing on our clients’ land in order to measure the same.
Thereafter Mr and Mrs Wedg.. started to complain about Mr O’Callaghan’s motorbikes, referring to them in the derogatory manner of “toys”. Mr O’Callaghan considers this to be both condescending and patronising given the rarity and value of the same. Complaints were also made about the noise from said motorbikes and our clients’ cars when they are started. Such noise cannot be avoided and would have been a known potential issue prior to Mr and Mrs Wedg purchasing their property given the fact that the front of the same is adjacent to
our clients’ driveway. Mr O’Callaghan has advised us that he has resorted to pushing said motorbikes to the road before starting them to be considerate, something he is not obliged to do.
It is understood that your clients attempted to encourage the neighbours at number x to complain about our clients. Said neighbours have stated that they have no issues with our clients and did not wish for their names to be used in any letter or complaint. It is further understood that your clients then approached the neighbours at number y, telling them that our clients were forcing them to leave their home due to harassment. Such untruths have led to a breakdown in the relationship with said neighbours to the extent that altercations arose which required police involvement.
Our clients are also becoming increasingly troubled with regard to the erratic driving of your clients and the guests to their property. Our clients have advised us that on several occasions Mr Wedg.. has caused his van to “wheel spin” as he passes our clients’ home and on 29th November 2017 your clients nearly drove into the back of Mr O’Callaghan’s motorbike, which he was sat on, because they were driving without due care and attention. Such antisocial driving cannot be tolerated.
Our clients are also concerned that your clients advised them that the CCTV at their property does not point towards our clients’ home. However, we understand that it is evident, both from looking at the property itself and from the pictures on RightMove, that your clients’ CCTV is looking onto the driveway and into our client’s garage. This breach of privacy needs to be rectified without delay.
On Friday the 1st of December 2017 Mr Wedg.. was abusive to delivery drivers making a delivery to our clients’ house, telling them not to get in his way “delivering to the knobhead living there”.
Furthermore, Mrs Wedg.. has repeatedly blocked our clients’ driveway by placing refuse bins in front of the same. This is clearly an intentional action in an attempt to aggravate our clients.
On a separate occasion, whilst Mr O’Callaghan was on his driveway, Mrs Wedg..was seen to move the speakers to her HiFi so that they were pointing out of the windows and turned up the volume of the same to full.
This is a further example of your clients intentionally aggravating our clients, and said incident was witnessed by several neighbours.
Mrs Wedg.. has also been observed staring in to the windows of our clients’ property to the extent where our clients have felt it necessary to obscure several windows. Our client also reports that on several occasions Mrs Wedg.. has opened her windows and attempted to hide behind the curtains in order to eavesdrop on conversations our client is having with guests.
Of most concern is the fact that, on the 14th of January 2018, Mrs Wedg.. was driving towards her property when it is assumed that she realised she could not get on her own driveway because a person visiting her own house had blocked the same. Mrs Wedg.. then drove off in an aggressive manner.
Mrs Wedg.. was not driving on the correct side of the road and in the process forced our clients’ daughter, who was riding a pushbike at the time, to take urgent evasive action to avoid being hit causing her to fall off her bike. This was witnessed by one of the neighbours, and footage was recorded on CCTV. This has all been reported to the police, and no doubt they will investigate this matter further.
Whilst the above is only a summary of your clients’ behaviour, it is clear that there has been a history of harassment against our clients for some time.
We have therefore been instructed to write to you in this regard, and to emphasise that this behaviour must stop with immediate effect. Any further harassment on the part of your clients will not be tolerated and further action will be taken, including but not limited to further reports to the police and issuing proceedings for an injunction against your clients. Our clients would of course seek the costs of the same from your clients, should this become necessary.”
The neighbours attempted to cause trouble for us with wainhomes and the council.
These neighbours at plot 4 have since moved out, but unfortunately their attempts at causing us issues with other neighbours succeeded with at least one neighbour. This has lead to a drunken and physical confrontational with the  neighbours who have also been telling people we attempted to harass and force out the neighbours in plot 4. We had to call the police out and log calls with the police regarding their behaviour. My CCTV usage has been extended for the detection and prevention of crime and to ensure the safety and security of my family.

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