The implied threat

In December 2017 I submitted plans to wainhomes for some alterations, I was told approval can take up to 4 weeks to receive from wainhomes,
I repeatedly attempted to contact wainhomes over this approval, 9 weeks later and in the end I had to force them to respond, I sent an email stating if they don’t respond it will constitute an automatic approval.
This was the response from wainhomes;
“Further to your email below may I unequivocally confirm that we have not provided any consent to the proposed works and in fact are not obliged to do so.
Your suggestion of implied consent is nonsense.
You are well aware that your plans are raising concerns with neighbours who are attempting to market their home and we do not wish to create further friction by consenting to the works. In addition we will be carrying out road improvements shortly when the next phase of development commences and we wish for the estate design quality to be maintained at a high standard and tidy.
Please do not send a cheque as it will not be cashed.
Whilst writing we note that you have carried out changes to the property frontage by way of coloured stone. Can you provide evidence of consent.”
For a start the wainhomes approval has nothing what so ever to do with neighbours, their consent is not required or needed, so it appears they are taking sides. Next is the implied threat over the coloured stone, I interpret that as shut up and go away or else. 
This ties in with the neighbour issues we were having and it starts to show the bullying and harassment tactics from wainhomes, now you are beginning to see the true behaviour of wainhomes.

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