The garage done wrong

The garage is detached and wainhomes did not supply any power to detached garages, so I requested as part of their options list to have the following installed in the garage.
32Amp circuit for an electric car charger
3 Double sockets
2 light fittings with 1 switch.
This seems like a good idea to get it done before we moved in, as I wanted to purchase an electric car and we had plans to extend the garage after we moved in. wainhomes came back with a price and I paid it, the electrics in the garage were installed and were run off the consumer unit in the house and they put a 32Amp fuse in the consumer unit.
This is not enough, I had to explain to wainhomes an electric car would consume 32Amps of current for 12-16 hours whilst charging, given the cable length between the consumer unit and the garage I believe the consumer unit fuse would have blown once I plugged in an electric car to charge.
The 32Amp fuse was replaced with a 40Amp fuse and they said all done. Again I had to explain if I was charging an electric car and I turned on a 13Amp appliance the fuse would blow.
So a few days before we were meant to move in the cable between the garage and the consumer unit was replaced and a 50Amp fuse, they ripped part of the living room ceiling and wall down to run the replacement cable and badly plastered it up. We moved in with the bare plaster exposed and not painted. The plaster is still not fixed right, 2 years on and I had to paint the area it myself, although the site manager did give me a couple of buckets of the paint.
I again explained 50Amp is not enough for the garage, as I run several appliances in my garage that consume 8-12Amps at all times, meaning if I was charging an electric car and I turned on another high amperage appliance the fuse would blow. I have not been able to purchase an electric car because the garage electrics are not right.

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