The floors, walls and ceilings are out and other faults

Here are pictures of some of the problems I have with this house,
Below is a picture of the downstairs floor level;
Another floor picture, the spirit level on the left is flat to the floor, this is how much the floor drops over a 1 metre distance upstairs;
This picture below is of a ceiling that is out, you can see the fitting cupboards in the background and how much the ceiling is out over a small area;
The picture below is for an internal wall, you can see just how far I have to move the top of the spirit level away from the wall to put the bubble in the right spot.
Below is an example picture of the finish of the plastering
Pictures of an external walls;
IMG_20180702_140513IMG_20180702_140324External Walls
Picture of the back of the toilet, they used silicone sealant rather than fixings to attached the cistern to the wall;
Pictures of the towel radiator lower fittings, or rather were the fittings should be and they have not been fitted;
A picture an external door frame, it is so bent out of shape at the bottom of the frame that the gap is too wide.
I reported a fault with one of the seals in the front door, here is the response I got from wainhomes,
“Customer Care Wainhomes (North West) Ltd <> 14 September 2017 at 16:59
Good afternoon Mr O’Callaghan.
I have spoken with our Site Manager about the issue below and unfortunately, as there is no mention of this in your file or on any of the snag lists you provided we cannot attend to this issue. You may wish to source a replacement from a suitable supplier.
Customer Care
Wainhomes North West Ltd”
So basically fix it yourself.

Below is a picture of the inside of the window, you can clearly see the top section of plastering is not level and is running down to the right of the picture, you can see this compared to the window, this means if you fit certain types of blinds the bottom of the blind is not level with the window ledge, and looks awful.
Below is a picture of how badly a wall is out over a small distance, the skirting board can not be bent in any more to try and fill the gap.

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