The dirt inside the sealed glazing unit

We had an ongoing problem with the glass in the windows, it is double glazed, but you could see pieces of dirt trapped inside the actual glazed unit from when it was manufactured. The dirt was clearly visible in nearly all of our front windows, the company who supplied the glazing units came out to inspect, they confirmed it was a problem with the manufacturing of the glazing units, so they would be replaced.
Which they did, and the next batch was dirty, then again and again they replace the units, each time with the same dirt in them. See point 8 below.
Here is another email of problems I have to raise once again;
“18 November 2016 at 20:16
To: “Customer Care Wainhomes (North West) Ltd (” <>
we have a number of issues with this house, some as old as 6 months now.
1) The cold water runs extremely hot for around 15 seconds, then runs cold
2) The valve in both baths fails to run any hot water every few times
3) The central pipes bang and vibrate every time the heating/hot water demand goes off, which is happening every few minutes now
4) Tiling in the main ensuite has still not been corrected, 6 months after complaining about it
5) The burglar alarm is missing a piece of blue plastic on it.
6) There are several missing black screw caps on the tudor finishing at the top of the walls, these have been replaced a few times now
7) Our garage door has not been painted, despite constant promises it will be, in the end I have had to paint it myself because it looked awful
8) Despite the fact we have had our front glazing units replace 5 times there are still some with dirt trapped inside the unit
9) The oven is noisy and vibrates too much
These issues have been dragging on for too long, these issues have been reported time and time again, yet we get ignored, or promised someone will be out to sort them and no one shows up.”
Again I was told I would be contacted, nothing happened.
The glazing units were replaced a total of 7 times, and they were still dirty. I ordered and replaced them myself, as after 7 times it was obvious the glazing company couldn’t fix the issue.
Regarding the oven, wainhomes have ignored multiple reports of the oven faults.
After 7 changes of the glazing units we still had multiple units with dirt in them, at this point we were fed up with taking time off work to allow work to be done so we said enough is enough, I replaced several of the worse affected units myself and have to live with the remain units with dirt in them, it is still visible today.
The fact these units only have a few pieces in them is better than how we started, when each glazing unit had dozens of pieces of dirt in each one.
One of the windows has had its glazing units replaced so many times it has permanently damaged the plastic of the frame, meaning the bead trim no longer fits properly.
To understand what I mean here are the pictures of the remaining units that I still have in my windows now.

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