The 28 day snag list – 2 years on

As the rest of the plots had not been finished we had the builders onsite everyday, which mean I spoke directly to the site manager Mike in order to get the issues in my house fixed, here is the list I had that I was discussing with the site manger;
“The floors in every downstairs room are completely uneven, it is like a roller coaster walking across them, the floor we have had fitted bounces it 1 particular place because it is 25mms higher than the rest of the floor.
The granite in the kitchen has a chip in the underneath, the fitting company has tried to hide by filling it with non colour matching filler, I want this replaced section replaced, it is the longest piece of stone worktop too.
Halve of the kitchen cupboard do not have the correct rubber stopper on them.
The tiles in the master ensuite bathroom are not as the original drawings, this needs to be sorted. the tiles on the window ledge need to be replaced, as they are utter mess. One of the taps was scratched when we moved in.
The front lawn was dead when we arrived, no amount of water brought it back, it is currently being replaced at my expense, I want the cost of this reimbursing to me, as the state it was left it in was an utter disgrace.
The screws fitted to towel radiators mounting brackets are the wrong type, and are what ever the fitter had in his bag at the time, 6×1/4 inch I believe, these need replacing with the correct pan head type, as per the manufacturers specification.
The bath panel in the ensuite does not fit properly, it has been badly cut, the gap left around it is unacceptable, it needs replacing. Your fitter pumped it full of silicone to hide it. The fact I discovered on the first night as I had to take the bath panel off because the mixer valve was set to a maximum of 22 degrees C, measured with a temp gauge. Too cold to have a bath in.
Parts of the facia board have not been painted on the back of the house, or is painted white.
There is a cracked tiles on the front bay window roof.
The oven sounds like a jet engine, whirring up and down and vibrating, the hob has damaged to the steel surface, including rust coming through.
Several internal doors are sticking.
Several panels of glass were scratched by your cleaners, these need replacing.
One of the rain down pipes is not vertical, it has a noticeable sideways direction, this needs sorting.
The garage door paint is coming off around the door handle, leaving the white showing, this needs fixing, as per the planning original planning permission states black fronts. I suggest you replace it with the correct door in black, rather than paint a white one black.
The dust level on site is completely unacceptable, and I would not be surprises if it is higher than your planning permission level allows.
A section of rain gutter downpipe has been cut too short, it does not reach the soil pipe in the ground, it needs replacing.
The garage front gutter is leaking.
The facia board on the front of the garage is uneven, this needs fixing.
The finish behind the master ensuite toilet is terrible.
The top of the staircase floor does not meet, nor is level with the landing floor.
The grub screws on the internal handles are missing on several doors.
The concrete edging stones around are driveway are crumbling, having a JCB bouncing up and down on them, as well as several delivery lorries a day has destroyed them, they need replacing.
Step 6 is loose and is creaking, in fact all steps on the staircase are starting to come loose, most likely due to bad nails, it needs screwing together correctly.
The consumer unit is either mislabeled or wiring incorrectly, as turning off mcbs does not turn the right circuit.
There is a large area of water damage to the loving room ceiling and walls due to the leak, this needs sealing and painting.
Several screws are missing from manhole covers around the house.
Some of the bathroom radiators are plumbed in to the wrong zone.
Basin tap in second ensuite is loose.
Street light needs moving.
Boiler has intermittent fault with downstairs heating, when thermostat is turned up, status stays at 0. Zone valve opens but no heat.
Utility fan noisy.
Boiler exhaust collar not fitted correctly.
Gutter above main ensuite is overflowing.
It quickly became appranent these would need to go in writing, as getting things done verbally was not working at all, and wainomes had not completed the 28 day snag list as they said they would. After 8 weeks of no getting things sorted I put it in an email.
Many of these items are still not resolved more than 2 and a half years on.

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