Phase two starts and problems begin again

The next phase of the development is now underway, once again my driveway is being blocked on multiple occasions so I can not use it.
I have had the police call to me three times as of July 2018 for cars parked outside my house, the police have said I am doing nothing wrong.

The site has been reported for multiple suspected breaches of health and safety and planning regulations by residents.
One incident was a driver was on his mobile phone and crashed in to some ones property. I have pictures and CCTV of this event as well.
We can not open any windows during the day due to the dust being created, if you hang washing out it ends up full of dust. Here is a picture of the dust after 1 day on the silicone sealant that is getting through a closed trickle vent.
Below is an example of the site using peoples private drives, I doubt they will want to contribute to the cost of repair to the driveway from a fully loaded wagon. They seem to think they can get away with it if they think no one is at home.