Not able to use our own drive

We had a lot of issues with parking, the builders flooded the entire area each day with cars and vans, there were more vehicles than spaces, so the builders started parking on my drive, blocking my cars in, we would leave the house each morning and we couldn’t get off our driveway. Trying to find out which person owned which van/car started to take up a lot of time each morning and it got to the point where we were late for work or had to take time off work because we could not get our cars off the driveway.
We also had the problem that the delivery wagons parked outside our house and across the front of the driveway, meaning we could not get on or off our own drive. I complained repeatedly to the site manager, but he could not stop it happening, several times we could not use the drive for hours at a time.
In the end I had to do this;

Using a car as a physical block

I had to leave a car overhanging the road and leave my wheelie bins to stop the builders parking on my drive and blocking us in. It also helped to stop the builders using my front garden as a footpath. Although they then started to walk through and over the bushes instead.
Every time we had to go out we had to move the car out of the way to get on an off our drive, but at least we had control of moving the car.
This meant I couldn’t use my fiat much at all, as it was required as a physical block that we could move. We also started parking in the road at this point so we could actually use a car to get in and out of the street.
The block at the end of the drive was needed until the builders left, 9 months later. We had to do this in order to be able to use our own cars and for the enjoyment of our property.

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