Having to complain

At this point I started to look in to everything carefully, visiting the site and making phone calls, the more I looked in to everything the more I was not happy with the results.

On the 30th April 2018 I made a formal complaint to MD of wainhomes, as the attitude from wainhomes staff was a disgrace.

“Sent: 30/04/2016 20:09:09
To: steve.toghill@wainhomes.net; sonia.ross@wainhomes.net;
Subject: Formal Complaint

Dear Mr. Toghill,

It is with deep regret that I find myself in the position of having to potentially with draw from my purchase of plot 3, Cheerbrook Gardens.

I am writing this email as a formal complaint of the obstacles which are preventing us from finalising the purchase of plot 3 — Gardens.
We hope that you are able to rectify these problems swiftly so we can complete the purchase.

Firstly I would like to say the onsite contacts, Christine, Linda and Mike have been excellent, it is a shame the rest of your company appears to let them down.

Before agreeing to this purchase I carried out research into wainhomes public image and previous feedback, I found a lot of negative press relating to the arrogant and confrontational approach taken by staff in your head office.
I did not fully understand or appreciate the accuracy of these comments until I had to deal directly with them on Friday. I am completely astounded by the hostile nature of the responses I have received.

The following is a list of my negative experiences;

1) We were told 4 weeks to contract exchange, this we had to stick to. In order to make sure we met this deadline all of our paper work was completed and in the hands of our solicitors within two weeks. It took your legal team 3 weeks to make initial contact with our solicitors. Following a further prolonged period of time we inquired about the progress your legal team had made and were told they were massively behind and were causing problems for a number of customers.

2) Our solicitor sent an inquiry with regards to the plot gain land nearly 4 weeks ago, no answer received.

3) We have sent an inquiry via our solicitor about a satellite dish, no answer. (Answered on Friday 29/04/16 with a simple no)

4) We wanted to have more flags put in to the back garden, we were initially told this would not be a problem. about two week ago we were then told no with no other reason given. When we further raised this with the senior sales team we were told no. (I was then told they are not an option you offer, which surprised me as you listed them on your opinions list).

5) We wanted an extra hole cutting in the kitchen work surface to facilitate a waste disposal button we were told no. (this was explained to me and I can understand your point)

6) We requested extra planting putting in the front garden, inline with the existing planting scheme, we were told no. (partial answer received 29/04/16)
We then send an inquiry regarding the landscaping bushes in the front garden via Linda at the site, requesting permission for us to finish them, no answer.

7) We have been shown the landscaping plan, which we based our requests on, the site manager recently looked at these drawings and stated they are old and have been revised since then. No updated plans except the external works drawings have ever been made available to us, despite this being requested.

8) Since visiting the site today, we have now lost over 1 metre of our rear garden, as the new rear fence has been built over 1 metre away from the edge of the property boundary due to existing bushes. The fence line does not represent the property boundary line and as it stands we cannot access or maintain land which would legally belong to the plot. It would also expose the plot to future land grab and potential boundary disputes. It could also provide a problem with the future resale of the property.

9) The title plan Sonya sent on the 28th April is not the one our solicitor received, which we have been requested to sign. There is a notable difference in the rear boundary line. The one Sonya sent shows that the rear boundary line does not line up with plot 2s boundary line, yet our title plan does.

10) I would like to comment on the utility.
In order to meets the needs of my family I requested a number of special arrangements for this space. We were told this was no problem but we would need to meet the costs of the changes. We considered this to be reasonable so paid the agreed fee in advance.
I provided precise and detailed drawings for the purpose of clarity. The drawings were returned as a CAD diagram by the kitchen company which I annotated and signed.
Upon inspection of the space there are a number of issues.
The power sockets are in the wrong place, the lighting switches and boiler/washer switches are behind where the fridge is going to go making them completely inaccessible and this is not where I requested them to be, the power socket for the fridge is not in the place I requested on the utility drawings I submitted. The Marble work surface edge overhangs the cupboards next to the fridge, the left hand edge, I specifically requested it not do this, it must be flush to allow me to finish the cupboards as the kitchen company where not willing to add the end panel I originally requested. The cupboard around the boiler, at the bottom does not match the other cupboards and looks wrong. All cupboards have a bottom lip in matching wood effect, the boiler cupboard does not. The response I received was that I did not specify this, I would think that when paying over half a million pounds for a property that at least the cupboards in the fully fitted kitchen would match each other. I still have the detailed drawings I handed over with mm measurements for the placement of all sockets and dimensions of the cupboards.

11) The half newel posts on the upstairs landing are incorrect, I specifically requested they be plain half newels, not sculptured ones. Mike agreed to do this onsite but could not obtain the timber in time for the joiners to fit.

12) The electrical power installation I requested and paid for in the garage has been incorrectly installed, I specifically requested a 32 A circuit in the garage for the purpose of charging an electric car. I also requested three main double power sockets and a lighting circuit in the garage. The electrician has installed a single 32 Amp fuse in the house consumer unit for the garage and inadequate cabling from the house consumer unit to the garage. If I drew 32 Amps from the garage car charger circuit and turn on a single light bulb in the garage, the fuse in the house consumer unit would trip. Meaning I can not use the garage as I specifically requested for a 32 Amp electric car charger, which draws almost 32 Amps, I have also paid for power in the attic, this has not been done.

13) The tiling scheme in the main bathroom does not match the drawings we were asked to sign when choosing the tiles. There is a large area of tiling missing on the wall behind the radiator.

And now to main problem,

Your head office appears to be working on a completely different set of plans than the site is working to and the plot has been built to. You have now told us the site managers plans are inaccurate and as such the driveway has been built incorrectly.
We purchased the plot based on the site drawings and on inspection of the plot as it was built to that point. It specifically met our needs as we have a number of vehicles to accommodate. We were more than happy with the drive as built to date in line with the site managers plans .
We noticed on the title plan we had been asked to sign that there were differences. We were advised by our solicitor to request the title plan was rectified before we exchanged to avoid any future legal disputes. We were informed in what we and our legal representative can only consider a very antagonistic way that Wainhomes now intended to now rip up the drive way and rebuild it to fit the title plan we were sent. This would mean we now stand to lose a significant amount of driveway, rendering it ineffective to meet our needs. In effect you will now remove 2.8m of our driveway. the driveway at the moment is 14.1m long, meaning we would lose 19.9% of our usable drive. I would like to stress one of the main reasons we wanted this house was the amount of off street parking this plot had and the dividing bushes between our drive and the next plot, no.4. This was based on the plans we saw on site as well as physically seeing the concrete edging strips marking out the driveway. In fact Sonya has been recently sent a photo that was taken clearly showing the early stages of the drive construction. We have no desire to suffer the potential conflicts which arise from a shared driveway.

We would appreciate a resolution to these issues by the close of business Tuesday 3rd May 2016. If an acceptable resolution is not forthcoming then consider this a formal withdrawal of our intent to purchase plot 3 Cheerbrook Gardens, as we will need to make an offer on another property we viewed today.
As such should an acceptable resolution not be forthcoming then we require a full reimbursement of monies within 7 days of Tuesday 3rd May 2016, including the deposit, optional extras and the solicitors fees we have incurred to date.

Yours sincerely

So to summarise, the site had one set of building plans, the head office had enough. Neither of the two knew of the existence of each others different set of plans, nearly all the plans at the site office were wrong compared to the head office plans. At this point I felt it best to get copies of everything, as this was quickly becoming an issue.

The utility had been done wrong, the power sockets and light switches were on the wall behind were the fridge was intended to go, which means you can not get to them, very useful.

I told my solicitor to put a hold on everything and I requested a copy of their bill. At this point I should have walked away and simply sued them for the costs I had incurred. Hindsight is 20/20 they say.

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