First issues

After 4 weeks of getting everything in place, mortgage offer, showing people round our old home to help sell it it appeared that the wainhomes side had not done anything at all.

On the 28th April 2018, some 5 weeks after we had started the buying process I had to make a formal complaint in writing to wainhomes, the email I sent is below;

“Plot 3 — gardens
28 April 2016 at 10:14

thank you for your call yesterday, after speaking to my wife I feel it is best this is now put in writing.

Here is a list of our concerns,

1) Your solicitor took 3 weeks to make contact with our solicitor
2) We were told 4 weeks to contract exchange
3) Our solicitor sent an inquiry with regards to the plot gain land nearly 3 weeks ago, no answer received.
4) We have sent an inquiry via our solicitor about a satellite dish, no answer.
5) We have send an inquiry regarding the landscaping bushes in the front garden via Linda at the site, no answer
6) We wanted to have more flags put in to the back garden, we were told no.
7) We wanted an extra hole cutting in the kitchen worksurface, we were told no.
8) we wanted extra planting putting in the front garden, inline with existing planting, we were told no.
9) We have been shown the landscaping plan and other drawings, which were we working on, the site manager recently looked at these drawings and stated they are old and have been revised since then.
10) The title plan our solicitor received is based on the old external works drawings and is inaccurate, the boundary between plot 3 and 4 is wrong and the shared drive section does not line up or work with the way the house has been built.

Christine, Linda and the Site Manager Mike have been great, very helpful. But everything else seems to let this down. We were prepared to pay for an extra work.

I have made changes to the Utility room and specific wiring requests to the loft and garage, I have not been able to check these yet, so I can only assume they have been done to my specifications.

My wife and I wanted a quick move, hence the part exchange, and also we did not want the hassle of selling our house, now it has sold our position has changed. I still want the house at this point, but that will not be the case for much longer I believe.


The response from wainhomes was as follows;
“Sonia Ross <> 28 April 2016 at 14:51

Just to update you on a few issues;

Solicitors have requested a copy of a letter from the building inspector to confirm he was happy with your extension (due to a complaint from a neighbour). They have also asked for confirmation that the extension has not been built over a sewer. I have been informed that there are a few other requests to confirm fixtures and fittings in your home and am hopeful that you are aware of all of these by now. They have also raised a query regarding the road agreements.

Regarding plot queries I have just gone through your queries with the solicitor. They are going to check the file and come back to me this afternoon. Again I will come back to you as soon as i hear back.

Our solicitors are saying that once they are satisfied with these final enquiries then they can send the px report to our director for sign off.

I can only apologise that things have taken a number of weeks to get moving and hope that we are now towards the end of enquiries.

Regarding your other points raised. I have been informed that all of your extras have been completed to your request. The landscaping has also been completed to your plot and Mike has asked the landscapers for additional planting to the opposite side of the plot, as you requested. This has also been completed.

Unfortunately our extras policy is rather restrictive and extras are only permissible at certain build stages. The request for us to drill a hole in the granite for your own waste disposal was declined as we would been responsible for drilling the hole and could, in the event of a cancellation, been left with the hole in the granite. Unfortunately we do not offer extra flagging either however, I am sure that after completion Mike could ask the ground worker to quote you direct.

Finally you mention the deed plan, in particular the title boundary between your plot and plot 4. I have attached a copy of the plan which your solicitor should have. Can you let me know what you are unsure of so that i can assist you further.

Kind regards


So, it seemed OK, except for the boundary lines. My email back is below;
28 April 2016 at 15:09
To: Sonia Ross <>

thank you for your inquiry, the flagging was listed on your opinion extras list, as a per metre option. This is why I requested it.

The hole in the granite is a fair comment.

As to the title plan, it is hard to describe, the fault actually lies on plot 4, the line that represents the edge of their driveway next to plot 3 does not extend long enough, between plot 3 and 4 is a planting strip, this is shown on the title deed, it is shown as coming from the left of the picture to the right of the picture, it runs parallel to our boundary line, our driveway line in fact.

In the tile plan the line and planting area stops before it reaches the reservation strip of the road. It stops exactly were the share driveway section begins, which should line up with plot 5s edge of their driveway and front door. In reality the planting verge between plot 3 and 4 has been built to meet the reservation strip, thus meaning a section of tarmac driveway, in particular the section shown in yellow on plot 4 does not exist. The finished edge of the planting verge actually lines up with the left hand edge of plot 5s garage door.

If the title plan was to reflect the actual built driveways the planting verge needs extending to meet the reservation strip, thus massively changing the shared driveway, and in fact I believe it should remove the share driveway from plot 3, ours.

I understand the reason the share driveway is there, but due to the changes in the road to accommodate the plot gain land the title deeds do not reflect the actual built status of the properties.

I can make amendments to the title plan to illustrate what I mean if you would like.”

I then followed my email up with another email which is below;
29 April 2016 at 14:24
To: Sonia Ross <>
I would like to comment on the utility, the power sockets are in the wrong place, the switches are behind where the fridge is going to go, the power socket for the fridge is not in the place I requested on the utility drawings I submitted. The Marble edge overhangs the cupboards next to the fridge, the left hand edge, I specifically requested it not do this, it must be flush to allow me to finish the cupboards as the kitchen company where not willing to add what I wanted. The cupboard around the boiler, at the bottom does not match the other cupboards and looks wrong. All cupboards have a bottom lip in wood effect, the boiler cupboard does not.

The half newel posts on the upstairs landing are wrong, again I specifically requested they be plain half newels, not sculptured ones.

These two observations were made purely from the video my wife has just sent me. I think a site visit over the weekend is required, can I please request access to the house tomorrow morning?


So now we have issues with the driveway, boundary lines and the utility has not been completed properly. It then started to escalate.

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