Central heating issues

We had a problem with the fact one room had a radiator that was far too small, the issue is my house is an opposite and the plumbers installed a the radiators based on a standard floor plan, as in not an opposite house. So they fitted the radiators to wrong rooms, left and right from the plans. Which means one of the radiators that was fitted was far too small for the rooms. When this was reported to wainhomes during one of the NHBC visits wainhomes stated they wouldn’t not warranty any part of my central heating system because I had changed a radiator in the house, the NHBC told them that will not be the case.

Here is a portion of the email from jackie at wainhomes to the NHBC;
“I am sure during our visit I noted that the customer has a HIVE type system installed and has also made changes to the plumbing and sanitary wear in the property. Have they been made aware that this voids their warranty??”
Here is the email from the NHBC to wainhomes;
“From: Claims [mailto:Claims@nhbc.co.uk]
Sent: 28 March 2018 15:19
To: Jackie Parkinson <Jackie.Parkinson@wainhomes.net>
Subject: 18/xx
Good afternoon Jackie,
Thank you for your email, has the below been sent onto the homeowner as they were requesting this?
We have not been made aware of any changes so I will make contact with the homeowner and advise on this. However only the affected areas of the plumbing would be void, the rest of the original plumbing which has not been touched would still be under cover and we would still expect you to assist.”
We also have an issue were some of our bathrooms and ensuites are connected to different heating zones, some are connected to downstairs and some are connected to the upstairs zones.
wainhomes have refused to give myself the specification for the plumbing of the bathrooms and ensuites, meaning they have stated the fact the bathrooms and ensuites are on different zones is following their specification. I have a copy of the wainhomes plans for the plumbing and radiator sizes and it clearly shows what radiators shouldd be connected to what zone, wainhomes stated we can amend our specification as they like.
Below is a picture of the pipes that feed a radiator, the pipes were put in wrong, so rather than fix them they went through the wall on the other side of the radiator, going around the wooden stud and back in to the wall. The place were these pipes comes out was behind the basin to try and hide it.
Wainhomes are still refusing to fix the incorrect plumbing in my central heating system, despite the fact they have confirm the speficiation of the plumbing and my house was not installed to the specification, they refuse to respond or acknowledge the issue.

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