Faults being ignored by wainhomes

I reported problems with the tarmac on the driveway in July 2017, nothing was done, after trying again and again to report faults to wainhomes and the fact they keep on ignoring any faults I told them I would report the faults to the NHBC, this is the response I got;
Customer Care Wainhomes (North West) Ltd <CustomerCareNW@wainhomes.net> 6 February 2018 at 11:36
Good Morning
I am more than happy for you to contact the NHBC about the floor. They will arrange an inspection and invite Wainhomes to attend. Should they advise a defect we will arrange works and should they advise no defect no works will be completed.
I will await contact from the NHBC.
So after nearly two years of being ignored I had to contact the NHBC, who came out and inspected the floor, as we fitted the flooring thr NHBC stated they suspect the floor to be at fault, but we would need to lift the flooring to confirm this. I stated I am happy for this to happen and can the NHBC arrange a date for a revisit. The NHBC tried repeatedly to contact wainhomes to arrange this revisit. After months of nothing happening it is now in the hands of solicitors.
The floor in nearly all downstairs rooms is bad, it is like being on a rollercoaster as you walk around, the difference in height is that noticeable. This issue is not limited to my house alone.
During the visit from the NHBC to inspect the floor and as part of the NHBCs resolution process a member of wainhomes was present, I sent the following email to the NHBC;
“2 May 2018 at 09:07
To: Claims <Claims@nhbc.co.uk>
thank you for your letter, given the disgraceful attitude and behaviour of the last resolution meeting I will not be allowed any member from wainhomes on to my property.
Please ensure you uninvite them, I am happy for the NHBC person to attend and carry out the inspection.”
This email to the NHBC was a follow up;
“4 May 2018 at 12:16
To: Claims <Claims@nhbc.co.uk>
x attended last time, I had visitors in the house at the time, afterwards they commented on the nasty attitude from her. I am happy for your inspector to carry out the inspection, but given I have had a lot of issues with many people from wainhomes I do not want them in my house.
Can you please also arrange for my other claim to be looked at by the inspector, for the downstairs floors out of spec, after 2 weeks waiting again Wainhomes has not bother to contact me yet again. The claim number for the other one is 18/xx
After lifting the flooring I had a representative from wainhomes, Chris Lafferty, who came out had stated the concrete floor was within spec, so I contacted the NHBC and requested they visit once again. This time Gareth from wainhomes came out, Gareth refused to acknowledge the concrete floor was out of specification despite the fact the NHBC representative stated quite clearly it was out of spec. The NHBC have completed their report on my kitchen floor and it is indeed out of spec, a battle that has taken over 2 years .

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