Owner Story 1

The ongoing nightmare

I bought a house in Cheshire from wainhomes in May 2016, in hindsight given the amount of issues we had just buying the house I should have walked away, unfortunately I had already paid a large deposit, so walking away wasn’t really an option and wainhomes made it clear if I walked away they would pursue me for costs, even when they were at fault and caused many issues.

This story is designed as a record what what happened. Everything I do tends to be in writing, and try to keep everything, so I have all the email correspondences which I will be publishing.

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During the time since I moved in I have contacted other home owners, it seems the issues I experienced are not isolated to just myself.

To summarise my experience with wainhomes, I would use the word nightmare, you are treated by wainhomes with disrespected and contempt. They have insulted me, threatened me and ignore faults with my house.

I have purchased new homes from builders before, my last home was a new home built by Bovis, and although there were issues with the house, Bovis sorted them quickly and easily, so my experiences are based on a comparison with another house builder.

wainhomes have been sending numerous threats and letters from multiple solicitors, every few weeks, apparently they seem to think the truth about them and the issues with their property should not be made public.

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