Does this all matter?

Many people will be asking themselves, does this all matter? Lets put it in some context, when it comes to buying a house that is still under NHBC warranty most people would trust the fact the house was built right and they have the NHBC warranty in the event something goes wrong, so most people will likely just get the basic survey of the property done, enough for the mortgage approval.

But what about when the 10 year NHBC warranty expires? If people start performing more in depth surveys of the property that finds faults, do you think wainhomes is going to say, of cause we will fix it? This is a ticking time bomb and home owners will end up footing the bill to put right issues or have to take a lower house price because of badly built homes. Would you buy a house that has issues with its basic structure?

Wainhomes say they build homes to building regulations and NHBC standards, yet if you report a fault or issue they actively telling customers that the issue is within NHBC standards or tolerances even when it is not. Most people would accept the builders response without question, assuming they should know best. Only people who have a sufficient knowledge of building regulations and NHBC standards would not accept their answer and then face an uphill battle to have the issue fixed.