Welcome to the wainhomes nightmares website

Welcome to the wainhomes nightmares website, this website is here to record the past and future issues owners have with their new build home from any house builder, not just wainhomes. Please read the legal disclaimer here, continued use of this website means you accept the legal disclaimer.

The website has been moved to a new hosting provider due to legal threats from wainhomes, please click here for further details. The website is still under construction and it will take a long time to gather all of the info together.

If you have any property nightmare or cowboy builder story, not just a wainhomes one, then please get in touch with us, we will response as soon as possible and you can add your story to this website if you choose to.

See here for the Wainhomes ticking time bomb.

10%* of the wainhomes new builds were inspected on the site Cheerbrook gardens by the NHBC for structural issues, 100% failed with major structure issues, Wainhomes still refuses to fix the faults in many cases.

A facebook group called “wainhomes victims” has been setup by a wainhomes property owner, it can be found here

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The first story from a home owner is here, and the second is here read the ongoing issues, the builder wainhomes ignoring faults with the properties, lying to customers, having to get NHBC in to force the builder to fix faults, which they ignore and the threats, bullying and legal actions from the builder. these are not minor issues or snagging, they are building regulation failures in cases.

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